Are you destined to fail?

1 03 2013

stay away

You might not like what you read here, but not liking it just affirm the truth about it:

The majority of people are what we call the herd…

They rarely set goals…

They seek comfort zone…

They lack desire and drive…

They are closed minded…

They refuse to try new things…

They never follow through…

They “go with the flow”…

They are skeptic and negative…

They love gossiping and drama…

They rarely exercise…

They wake up late…

They are always too busy to learn new ways of living…

They rarely go to training and seminars and if they do go, they never take action…

They live in fear and move away from pain…

NOW…If you wish to be successful make sure you NEVER join the herd!!!

Knowing what not to do, is just as good as knowing what to do…

Good Luck :)

A Commitment for Success

1 03 2013

Make A Commitment Today! Walk The Extra Mile, do more, get better, help more people!

Its the doers that live a full life. Always strive to stretch, to grow, to break your limited beliefs and enter new realities and live in the endless possibilities arena.

Success Formula > Read on…

28 02 2013

Make a decision today to Take Action! 
1. Know what you want 
2. Take massive action daily
3. Measure results and readjust
4. Model successful people who achieved what you want!

Since Most people are not consistent, all you need to do to conquer your field is: Be consistent! never stop taking the small daily steps towards your goal. Image 

Don’t Stop!

28 02 2013


Success is Easy! Stick to The Basics

Starting new ways of doing things might seam like the right thing to do.

The challenge with that is when you change too often, you never reach your goals.

Think about it for a second…the most successful people in the world

in any given field are those who made a decision to be consistent & persistent

with their actions and they stick to the basics.

To be successful in anything, you must first make a commitment to

Never, never, never give up! and always, always, always do the same things

over and over and over again. Its called repetitious boredom!

The persistent person is the one who eventually get to the finish line.

Stop the sprints, and get ready for a marathon.

Simply know your goals, write them down, then write a business plan to

achieve these goals and start day by day to follow the required action and

make a commitment to NEVER QUIT.

Good luck :)

Great Thoughts

28 02 2013

If You Change Your Focus, You’ll Change The Way You Feel.
Use that thought to plant new seeds in your garden!

Everyday I Intentionally Grow!!

27 02 2013
Everyday I intentionally grow!
Group 26 is a Creation of a growing environment:
- A place where others are ahead of me (I want to be around people that are better, faster, more successful than me)
- A place where I am continually challenged (I am not looking for the hammock, I am looking for the hill)
- A place where the atmosphere is affirming, where the people around me encouraging me all the time
- A place where I am out of my comfort zone (where I feel challenged and over my head)
- A place where I wake up excited
- A place where failure is not my enemy, its my friend (sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!)
- A place where others are growing
- A place where people desire change
- A place where growth is modeled, it is expected

Dream Big!

27 02 2013

Dream Big!!!
Reaching small attainable goals is the best way to achieve larger goals!
It’s the daily action that makes everything happen.

Most people live life like a leaf in the wind. Wherever the wind blows, there they are!

Successful top producers in every industry don’t allow themselves to be part of the herd. They strive for excellence and keep pushing themselves to higher levels of performance.

Are you?


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