About Us

A real estate movement created by agents for agents.

Our Mission: Provide Real estate agents the highest levels of training, administrative support, production and culture to maximize full potential and focus on personal growth and financial freedom.

Group Twenty Six is designed to bring real estate agents to higher levels of professionalism and production with intense training system, one on one coaching, business planning, Boot Camps, mentoring program, full administrative support, marketing tools, lead generation system, co working office environment, and most importantly a lucrative bonus system and the highest commission structure in the industry.

Why agents make more money with our company?

80/20 rule. 80% of what we do brings only 20% of the income we get and 20% of what we do brings 80% of the income. Therefore We focus on eliminating the unproductive side of the agents activities (the 80%) providing agents with full time closing manager (to help them close their deals with less paperwork, the manager process all their closings A-Z), a listing manager (managing the listing including marketing, mls submission, booking all the showing appointments, sending weekly updates and feedback etc). Now the agent has more time to focus on the productive side (20%) that makes them money: working with buyers, sellers and investors and marketing their business.

Bottom line: Agents are closing more deals.

Grow 18 Training Program: Our 18 steps Training Program is directed towards helping real estate agents to build a successful long term real estate career focused on getting listings, working with highly qualified buyers and investors, practicing scripts, presentations, negotiating techniques and how to build a lead generation system. This training program is used by the elite of real estate agents worldwide (the top 10%).  Agents going through this program will easily double and triple their production.

One On One Coaching: Agents get a personal coach to excel in all areas of life including: financial, professional, physical, emotional, family, spiritual, mental.

G26 Mentoring Program: Every New agent will get a mentor to guide him throughout the entire first year. This is a hands on one on one mentoring program. 

Group Twenty Six Training Videos: Hundreds of training videos to guide our agents and train on every topic including self development, how to’s, Q & A, time management, prospecting, role playing, follow up, business planning and much more. 

Group Twenty Six MFO Allowance: we support the Mike Ferry Organization seminars and coaching programs. Qualified agents get a monthly allowance towards the coaching program as well as free participation in all MFO training events.

Group Twenty Six Boot Camps: We offer 4 basic boot camps and many advanced boot camps. These are designed to help agents perfect their skills in: Prospecting, Listing Presentation, Marketing Techniques, Investors, Buyer specialist and more. 

A Team Environment: Every Agent graduating the boot camps will join an A Team environment where other top producers and active agents meet daily to role play scripts, presentations, prospecting, door knocking, and intense activities. 

Live Your Life By Design: This is a Gym For The Mind. A Life coaching/self development ongoing program designed to help you reprogram your mind and plant new seeds to allow breakthroughs in all areas of life. Participants report amazing results. 

Our Environment: 

Group 26 is a Creation of a growing environment:
- A place where others are ahead of me (I want to be around people that are better, faster, more successful than me)
- A place where I am continually challenged (I am not looking for the hammock, I am looking for the hill)
- A place where the atmosphere is affirming, where the people around me encouraging me all the time
- A place where I am out of my comfort zone (where I feel challenged and over my head)
- A place where I wake up excited
- A place where failure is not my enemy, its my friend (sometimes you win, sometimes you learn!)
- A place where others are growing
- A place where people desire change
- A place where growth is modeled, it is expected

Our Headquarter Office : 115 River Road, Suite 1027 Edgewater NJ 07020

Direct Tel 201.969.2626

Direct Fax 201.969.2601

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