Change Your Point Of View

When you Change the way you think about things… The things you think about will change. If you find yourself striving for change but you keep getting similar results, its time to change the way you think. A thought is like a seed, once planted in the ground, the seed has the potential to grow […]


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Are you destined to fail?

You might not like what you read here, but not liking it just affirm the truth about it: The majority of people are what we call the herd… They rarely set goals… They seek comfort zone… They lack desire and drive… They are closed minded… They refuse to try new things… They never follow through… […]

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A Commitment for Success

Make A Commitment Today! Walk The Extra Mile, do more, get better, help more people! Its the doers that live a full life. Always strive to stretch, to grow, to break your limited beliefs and enter new realities and live in the endless possibilities arena.

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Success Formula > Read on…

Make a decision today to Take Action! 1. Know what you want 2. Take massive action daily3. Measure results and readjust4. Model successful people who achieved what you want! Since Most people are not consistent, all you need to do to conquer your field is: Be consistent! never stop taking the small daily steps towards your goal.  

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Don’t Stop!

Success is Easy! Stick to The Basics Starting new ways of doing things might seam like the right thing to do. The challenge with that is when you change too often, you never reach your goals. Think about it for a second…the most successful people in the world in any given field are those who made […]

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Everyday I Intentionally Grow!!

Everyday I intentionally grow! Group 26 is a Creation of a growing environment: – A place where others are ahead of me (I want to be around people that are better, faster, more successful than me) – A place where I am continually challenged (I am not looking for the hammock, I am looking for the hill) […]

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