Coaching & Mentoring


There are many types of coaching. In basic it’s a method of training, instructing, directing an individual or a group to develop skills, doing specific tasks, and achieving goals. A supervised coaching session is a key to success in any profession including real estate. Coaching also includes monitoring the performance and giving feedback on how to improve.


Mentoring is a relationship built with an experienced expert in any field. Focused on making individuals more confident in their abilities and talents. Traditionally mentoring involves an older member of the same profession–a person with more experience and connections–helping a newcomer to the field. Rather than focus on a particular skill, task or goal, mentoring is a long-term, ongoing process. It is usually a more personal relationship, based in shared experience. As the newcomer grows, the mentoring relationship evolves. The mentor often passes on not only tangible knowledge, but also philosophy, advice and advantages gleaned from years in the field. The mentor may provide introductions to people or organizations to which a newcomer would not normally have access. Mentors generally provide guidance, not for personal gain, but out of a desire to help another individual realize his full potential.


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