Grow 18 Training

Grow 18 is a self study In Office DVD training program. Every agent in our company is advised to follow these 18 steps and work towards excelling production. The goal is to focus on a step by step process following by action work with a role play partner. Each participant gets a partner/accountability partner for the duration of the program and meet on a daily basis.

The steps are:

1. The decision
2. The Real Estate Test
3. Managing Your Time
4. Prospecting For Buyers & Sellers
5. Working Past Clients & Center of Influence
6. The pre-qualifying process
7. Lead Follow up
8. The listing Presentation
9. Pricing Property
10. Handling Objections
11. Closing & Negotiating
12. Working with Buyers
13. Tracking Your Numbers
14. Practicing Scripts & developing skills
15. Business Planning
16. Customer Service
17. Mindset
18. Money management & profitability


In addition and s part of this program we will help you determine your specific goals for 1,3 & 5 & 10 years, help you build a specific  yearly action plan, build a daily schedule to follow, practice scripts, practice your presentation, teach you how to handle objections and give concrete answers, study the market place, prepare a marketing plan, lead generation program and much more, all covered by our Boot Camps.

This training program is open for everyone.  For more details send your contact information to



3 thoughts on “Grow 18 Training

  1. I will attend the go 18 training on April 18th at 5pm…..

    PS; I believe that is the 1st day of Passover, if so, I will not be able to attend that day….BUT WILL BE THERE THE FOLLOWING WEEK!

    Barbara Stein

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