Don’t Stop!

Success is Easy! Stick to The Basics Starting new ways of doing things might seam like the right thing to do. The challenge with that is when you change too often, you never reach your goals. Think about it for a second…the most successful people in the world in any given field are those who made […]

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Everyday I Intentionally Grow!!

Everyday I intentionally grow! Group 26 is a Creation of a growing environment: – A place where others are ahead of me (I want to be around people that are better, faster, more successful than me) – A place where I am continually challenged (I am not looking for the hammock, I am looking for the hill) […]

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Dream Big!

Dream Big!!! Reaching small attainable goals is the best way to achieve larger goals! It’s the daily action that makes everything happen. Most people live life like a leaf in the wind. Wherever the wind blows, there they are! Successful top producers in every industry don’t allow themselves to be part of the herd. They […]

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5 Types Of People

There are 5 types of people: 1. The type that never invest, they expect to collect, they complain. 2. The type that never invest and they don’t expect to collect, they just suffer. 3. The type that start to invest and want to collect NOW, they quit. 4. The type that continues to invest and […]

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The first step starts with us!

Hope everyone has a great evening!  I leave you with this: If at any point in your life you feel that you are better than someone else for whatever reason you tell yourself to justify this belief, recognize that this is arrogance!  Arrogance is the root of a lot of unnoticed mistakes and eventual downfalls!  […]

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Lead by example!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend; and as you spend time with your friends and family remember that YOU TEACH PEOPLE how to treat you.  For others to know your value and to treat you in the manner you like, YOU must FIRST recognize your own value and treat yourself in the manner that you […]

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